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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.26.15] Canada scifi horror

David Hewlett is best known for his work in movies and TV, everything from Vincenzo Natali projects to "Stargate: Atlantis," and though he's still acting (he's back on TV this summer in the limited series "Dark Matter"), Hewlett is also exercising his other artistic muscles.

Debug, his second feature as writer/director, is a sci-fi flick with horror overtones about a team of hackers sent to an abandoned spaceship and tasked with the job of essentially "rebooting" the spacecraft. Once on board, the team, led by Capra (Adrian Holmes), find themselves dealing with a rogue AI (Jason Momoa) determined to eliminate the threat of the humans who have boarded his ship.

In this exclusive clip, Mel (Kerr Hewitt) (one of the hackers), interacts with the AI, which goes by the name of Iam.

A slick looking movie with some big ideas, Debut will be available on DVD on June 6th.

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