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quietearth [DVD News 04.08.15] horror comedy cult drama crime

We got a ton of must-see films hitting shelves this week so wake up and take note. First up is A Most Violent Year the newest film from J.C. Chandor. After viewing All is Lost, I'll pretty much watch anything this guy does. He's a real talent with a confident voice and flair for dramatic storytelling. Marina loved this film when she caught it on the fest cuircuit and so have many others that's why it makes my pick of the week.


Ryan Reynolds (aka Deadpool) is actually pretty good at picking material. Here he plays a mild mannered guy driven to murder by his talking pets. This one made our best films of 2014 and I've heard nothing but love for Voices, so I can't wait to check it out.

Chris Denham's Preservation offers a modern take on the classic wilderness thriller sub-genre. It's about three hunters who become the hunted when a poaching trip in a closed nature preserve takes a dark and unexpected turn.

I had a lot of fun with REC 4: Apocalypse. It was great to break away from the found footage trope and explore the origins of the virus. It was great to get Manuela Velasco back into the action. Is it as good as REC or REC 2? Not quite, but it's got a zombie monkey!

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