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Ana Lily Amirpour's Iranian Vampire Western, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, stunned audiences last year and with good reason. I was fortunate enough to screen the film early and with it's stark B&W photography and impeccable sense of aesthetic and atmosphere it was quite an experience.

Here, Kino Lorber assembles the film in a package befitting the film's artfulness. With influences spanning spaghetti westerns, graphic novels and horror films, all mash-up in the Iranian New Wave, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is sure to please adventurous QE readers.


We've been banging on about this release for a long while now, so it's exciting that the day has finally arrived when John Carpenter's bonafide 42nd Street Blockbuster Escape From New York gets it's due on Blu-ray.

Crammed with extras including those from the deluxe DVD release as well as all new commentaries and interviews, Scream Factory's release is sure to be the definitive one for a while. Don't like that new cover? Don't worry about it. Scream Factory always provides original artwork on the flipside, baby.

Joe Lynch's Everly is a balls-to-the wall actioner that sees Selma Hayek up against a team of mobsters out to kill her. The close-quarters thriller is bloody, violent and dark, but also a ton of fun.

The Taken franchise may have single-highhandedly made everyone love Liam Neeson as a badass and then make everyone tire of the idea. And yet, even in Taken 3, which doesn't totally work, I had fun with the idea. This is 24 logic where Jack Bower seems to always be up against terrorists in the same ways. If you're a fan, you'll complete your trilogy. If you're not, you'll VOD this. Eitehr way, you know you kind of sota love this series.

Zombie spoof, Walking Deceased, is a whole lot better than you might think according to own Daniel Olmos. Obviously hitting hard on The Walking Dead, expect other zombie tropes to be up for grabs.

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