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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.24.15] scifi horror thriller

Australian director Shane Abbess is back and kicking some major ass with Infini, his new science fiction/horror flick opening May 8 on VOD and in Theatres.

We haven't seen anything from the director since Gabriel alerted the world to Abbess' ability to work wonders with a micro-budget. Here, he pulls out all the sops. Form the Blade Runner-y earth, to the gorgeously shot space station, inifni looks like a winner for scif-fi fans. Sure it's reminiscent of some of our favourites (read: Event Horizon, Aliens, Pandorum), but the acting looks great and I'm guessing there's more to the story than meets the eye.

In INFINI, a search and rescue team are transported through deep space to a distant mining colony to save the sole survivor of a biological outbreak. During their mission, they find a lethal weapon which is set to arrive on Earth within the hour…

Infini stars Daniel MacPherson, Luke Hemsworth, Grace Huang, Bren Foster, Luke Ford, and Dwaine Stevenson.

The film was directed by Shane Abbess and will be opening day and date, in theaters and on VOD May 8, 2015 via Vertical Entertainment.

Recommended Release: Gabriel

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Digger (7 years ago) Reply

I am all over that! Gabriel is one of my fav films ever, and I've been eagerly awaiting Shane's next film


chocobee (7 years ago) Reply

Cant wait this! Pandorum-ish

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