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In 2009, Vanity Fair published a feature on Bridgend County, Wales, a community which was home to an epidemic of teenage suicide by hanging. The mysterious deaths continued for a few more years, finally dropping off in 2012 at 79 suicides but 2009, a dozen or so deaths had already been reported and to date, the experts haven't managed to figure out why they happened.

Danish filmmaker Jeppe Rønde doesn't claim to have any answers but he didn't simply pull the narrative for his feature film debut Bridgend from thin air. Instead, he did what any good documentarian would do: he observed. The writer/director followed a number of teens from the area and incorporated their stories into his fictional debut about a teenage girl named Sarah, played by "Game of Thrones" star Hannah Murray, who moves to the small town with her father, a policeman who has been brought in to solve the mystery of the suicides. Sarah falls in love with one of the local boys, placing her in the middle of the action and bringing the suicides to the policeman's door.

The story alone is enough of a point of interest for a movie but the first trailer for Rønde's debut offers up much more. It's both hauntingly beautiful and plays with the mystery surrounding the deaths in what looks to be a fantastic thriller.

Bridgend is currently playing the festival circuit and making its North American debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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severedheadonacar (7 years ago) Reply

If you'd ever been to Bridgend you'd know why those kids were killing themselves. The place is a grey, dank, depressing shit hole. Once you've been to its crap nightclub, visited the local McDonalds and braved the cinema, the only thing left to do is top yourself.

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