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Manuel de Layet [Celluloid 03.18.15] horror comedy

Ever wondered what Scooby-Doo would look like if produced by Russ Meyers instead of Hannah Barbera?

Worth seeing for the opening credits alone, Zombeavers is a bit less than what this concept implies, but since we are in the era of the "New Mediocre" I'll give it a pass. The pitch, as expected, is entirely contained in the title: a trio of archetypal generation-Y college girls goes to a remote cottage in the woods and meet some angry mutated beavers. Hilarity and boobs ensue.

I must admit that having seen so many films recently that seem to have started as a bad brainstorming joke fall flat to the point of slumber (see most SyFy Channel productions if you need an example), this one is a breath of fresh air. It's not trying to be anything but stupid entertainment and succeeds in doing so by joyfully mixing both sexploitation and teen-slasher tropes. The whole even manages to walk the thin line between being overtly self-aware and being content to deal in horror clichés.

Basically you get beavers, boobs and blood. Add another B and you get a really efficient brain-shutter. There is no hidden symbolism, no satire of environmental issues, no homage to Joseph Beuys, just smutty jokes, cute girls and idiotic frat-boys against the worst nature has to offer. The kind of movie to see after a long day when you just want to chuckle at the screen like a five year old.

On the particular point of smut, and for the more desperate part of the audience, I'm saddened to announce that the only beavers on display are of the hand-in-sock persuasion. If you want to see unintended crotch shots in a horror comedy go watch the Feast trilogy.

There is only one real thought that managed to fight against the all encompassing void during my viewing of this wonder: how really important context is in matters of suspension of disbelief. Having dogs acts like commandos and open locked doors in White God was a rusted nail to my frontal lobe, whereas seeing plush-beavers do the same and then some here is perfectly normal and, above all, tremendously enjoyable.

If you ever need to be reminded that the beaver is truly a proud and noble animal, Zombeavers is the movie to go to.

Zombeavers is available in theatres and on VOD March 20.

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