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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.17.15] Ireland (Republic of) scifi action adventure

Every time director Ruairi Robinson drops a video, the internet goes nuts. I can't really say I blame anyone either because Robinson captures an excitement and refinement that we don't always get to see from short internet videos. So yeah, it's exciting to see Hollywood A-level visual effects in a clip that's only a few minutes long and that you know comes from the intense and difficult work put in by a very small group of people.

We've been following Robinson for a while and while I'm still trying to figure out how he's only made one feature film to date (and though it has some problems, no one can argue that The Last Days on Mars (review) looked anything but fantastic) Robinson continues to truck along, working the angles for the opportunity to make something spectacular. He's got another short, Imaginary Forces, due later this year but late yesterday, Robinson dropped this tidbit of awesome on his video page.

An original concept from Robinson written by Jim Uhls, The Leviathan is a spectacular 3.5 minutes of video that sets up a great universe for storytelling that seems to be a bit of "Moby Dick" in space. Yeah... AWESOME. I know. I wish someone would just green light this already.

Hit the full screen button and if you can, turn up the volume. It's a great way to spend a few minutes. And if you haven't seen any of Robinson's other work, be sure to check out his Vimeo channel for more awesome.

Recommended Release: The Last Days on Mars

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agentorange (7 years ago) Reply

Somebody give this guy a Star Wars film already.


Marina (7 years ago) Reply

No shit right? I'd love an original work better but I'd take that!


Keith (7 years ago) Reply



donc48 (7 years ago) Reply



quietearth (7 years ago) Reply

fucking awesome


duh (7 years ago) Reply

That was the most awesome thing I've seen in a long time.

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