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Marina Antunes [Cathode Ray Mission 03.12.15] post apocalyptic thriller drama

Seth and Nathan Anderson have been working on their post apocalyptic feature film Northstar for some time and while that project is still in the works, the pair have managed to put together a companion webseries called Northbound which premiered at GeekNation earlier this week.

Shot in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, one of the notable factors of Northstar are the visuals and it's what caught my attention when I first saw a clip from the project. The opening shot of the webseries is stunning and looking at the trailer, it's clear that the Anderson's know how to get the best of their location. I'm also curious about this survival tale which unfolds months after "The Cataclysm," an event that quickly killed off most of the North American population.

The first season includes six episodes and the team is headed back into production for season 2 in April.

The trailer and first episode of the series, along with some gorgeous stills, are included here but be sure to check out the series page at GeekNation for new episodes which will arrive each Tuesday for the next few weeks.

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Tensen01 (7 years ago) Reply

Watched the promo and I hafta be honest... The fact that it looks like it was recorded on Tape and resembles a TV show from the 90s in video quality kind of kills my interest in this... Is it worth it? Am I spoiled and being too harsh on that "PTEN" look?


Tom (7 years ago) Reply

First episode doesn't exactly sell the premise or create curiosity about what's next, does it? Forty seconds of action crammed into seven minutes.


pleeg3 (7 years ago) Reply

So episode one is out... what's the schedule for more? Is there a schedule? I'll wait to judge it until after I've seen a little more. Can't be critical after 7 minutes....


Marina (7 years ago) Reply

Producers advised new episodes on Tuesdays so I expect #2 at some point today.


nalwine (7 years ago) Reply

Episode 2 will be out today...3/18...We ran into a slight delay yesterday...Episode 1 did not reveal much--but each following Episode will become more involved, add new characters, and reveal more. It is tough to revel much in a limited time frame--but cumulatively the story does come out and by episode 4/5 things hit their stride. Thank you for your comments everyone! They are all very fair and constructive!

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