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quietearth [DVD News 03.20.15] post apocalyptic horror action adventure

Ewan McGregor stars in Son of a Gun, an Aussie take on the wonderful French prison film A Prophet.

Son of a Gun boasts a bold performance from McGregor who usually plays the nice guy in a stripped down, rough and tumble prison caper.


The only PA film of the week, Dust of War takes place after an alien invasion left the Earth scoured. The American frontier has became one of the last vestiges for a scavenging humanity and, in it, a group must fight to rescue a girl that has a great and secret power.

We've covered Dust of War here on QE. I'm sure a search will yield some trailer results. The film has been forthcoming for a while so I'm curious to finally check it out.

Next up is Vice, the new high-concept action film starring Thomas Jane (The Punisher, Hung) and Bruce Willis.

Willis runs a hotel where you can indulge in any VICE you want (which is mostly of the sex variety I imagine) and shit goes sideways. I've heard nothing but bad things, but maybe - just maybe - VICE could end up being a fun Sunday afternoon diversion.

Shout! Factory release Werner Herzog's Aguirre, The Wrath of God on Blu-ray for the first time.

Klaus Kinski, in one of his best roles, plays a general that leads his army of conquistadors over the Andes into the heart of the most savage environment on earth in search of the fabled City of Gold, El Dorado. Guys. If you haven't seen this film, do so immediately.

Halo: Nightfall should need no introduction. We've been banginging on about for weeks what with a great contest and review. The feature length ti-in was produced by Ridley Scott's outfit and features some amazing production values. Fans of the series will particularly dig it.

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JeffC (6 years ago) Reply

A total B movie, and by B I mean bad. I should have known when I saw Thomas Jane's name. Anyway, I thought this was going to be like Westworld (for those of you who remember that) but it's anything but. It's real mean spirited towards women in the beginning virtual world, then the rest of the film is just a chase. Also it's funny because you have these marksmen trying to shoot the girl on the run, and can't hit anything 50 feet in front of them! Really lame! Bruce must have done it for a friend.


agentorange (6 years ago) Reply

Oof. Clearly everything I've heard about the film is accurate. Sorry you had to take a bullet for the rest of us, Jeff!

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