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quietearth [DVD News 03.10.15] horror action thriller adventure

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Today we've got slim, but quality pickings. Right out of the gate, one of my favourite humble budget horror outings, Dog Soldiers gets a loving re-issue from Scream Factory!

Neil Marshall's first film is easily the best werewolf film I've ever seen. Well, maybe an American Werewolf in London beats it out, but only barely. Certainly Dog Soldiers kills it in the high tension department. If you haven't seen it, do! It's Predator meets werewolves on the moors. It's just, it's so, so great. Still wondering where that Dog Soldiers 2 ended up...

UPDATE: This release has been rescheduled for June 23 by Scream Factory. Sorry!! Pre-order at will!

Next up, we've got a Scott Adkins double feature... yep, that's Ninja I and Ninja II together on one Blu-ray set. Bring it on, martial arts fans!

Today's all about wolves it seems as, besides Dog Soldiers, Wolfcop sees release. Now look, I know you're thinking this looks like a bunch of old schlocky BS, but Lowell Dean's film is super-duper fun and worth a look. Better than you might expect.

From Mondo Macabro label comes 1981's The Fan wherein teenager Simone's fixation on a band's lead singer, "R", takes over her life. Unable to accept the detachment of her idol she plans the ultimate sacrifice of her god on the altar of her madness, a ceremony as exalted and romantic as it is horribly wonderful.

Never seen it, but here's the trailer. I love Mondo's work, so I'll be tracking it down.

Honourable Mentions:

Listen Up, Philip

Dark Haul

Devil May Call

The Culling

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