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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.11.15] horror

While most people, when they buy a house, might be left with some furniture from the previous owner, the Sacchetti's are left with a whole lot more in We Are Still Here.

The couple, trying to start a new life in New England after the death of their son, buy a house that was once a funeral parlour. That might not be enough to scare them away but maybe the fact that the original owner used to ship some of the dead bodies to Boston's Chinatown where they were ground up and used for meat might raise a couple of red flags but it doesn't and they move in anyways only to discover that the house is the sanctuary of an evil entity that needs to be fed every 30 years and, surprise surprise, it's time for a feeding.

No, it's not new but man, this trailer is effective and suggests good fun to come – not to mention it includes some great horror alums including Re-Animator and You're Next actress Barbara Crampton as well as Lisa Marie.

We Are Still Here will premiere at SXSW.

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