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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.15.15] drama

I must admit that I was a bit weirded out by Claudia Llosa's Milk of Sorrow a few years ago (all I'll say is vagina potato) but that coming of age/sexual awakening story, as strange as it was, has stuck with me in a way that most movies don't. Now the Peruvian born director is getting set to unleash her latest project into the world and it has the potential to be just as memorable though maybe not as strange.

Aloft stars Jennifer Connelly, a renowned healer, who is brought together with her gown son (Cillian Murphy) who she abandoned 20 years earlier. An artist, played by Mélanie Laurent, is responsible for tracking down the young man.

The trailer for the drama is a time hopping, non-linear affair that doesn't reveal much of the story but considering Llosa's previous work, it's safe to assume that Aloft isn't quite as straight forward as the log line suggests and is infused with some sort of mystical elements. One thing you can take to the bank is that the trailer looks gorgeous, unsurprising considering the movie was shot by Canadian cinematographer Nicolas Bolduc who previously worked with Dennis Villeneuve on both Enemy (review) and Next Floor (full short).

Sony Pictures Classics has picked up rights to Aloft so if you're not at Sundance, expect to see it sometime later this year.

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beppe (5 years ago) Reply

Jennifer+Melanie? Gotta watch it!


jerg (5 years ago) Reply

Don't be fooled. The fake mysticism is insulting, the script is weak, and the performances are grating. One for the "must-mock" list, nothing more.

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