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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.08.15] horror thriller

We've already enticed you a little with stills from Chris Sparling's directorial debut The Atticus Institute and now, a mere few weeks before the movie's home video debut, we've got a pretty solid trailer to share for the upcoming horror film.

Made to look like it has cobbled together from original footage from the Atticus Institute, the movie stars Rya Khilstedt as Judith Winstead, the test subject who actually seems to have some sort of telekinesis – turns out she is possessed. Like, really possessed. Or so the story goes.

Any way you dice this up, the truth is that the trailer for The Atticus Institute is pretty solid stuff and though I was still on the fence about this one, I'm ready to jump right in.

The Atticus Institute is available on DVD and blu-ray January 20.

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