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If, like me, you've been wondering whatever happened to Chris Carter's "The After," I have some bad news.

Though Amazon greenlit production on the first season of the show after the pilot was democratically selected "by the people" as one of their favourites, a show that they would subscribe to Amazon Prime to watch, it turns out the reason we haven't seen anything from the production in nearly a year is because there hasn't been anything to show.

It sounds as though the project went to ground pretty early on in production and though it was only announced this morning that the series would not be going ahead, the studio waited quite a while to tell fans as much. Which brings to question why it's taken so long for the studio to announce the series wouldn't be going forward.

I can't help but think that perhaps they've been looking for a partner to co-produce what would likely have been a pretty expensive series, and not finding one, they've finally given up on it. Whatever the reason, it's definitely bad news for Carter fans who saw this as an opportunity for the showrunner to make a return. I'm disappointed because I rather enjoyed the pilot which showed promise and potential for a great series.

Who knows, we could still see "The After" materialize, maybe Netflix can step in and rescue it, but one thing is certain; if we ever get to see it, it won't be coming from Amazon.

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jeff (7 years ago) Reply

Oh well...13 episodes of The Strain coming up!!


papaswamp (7 years ago) Reply



donc48 (7 years ago) Reply

The people have spoken, if that's the way they feel the hell with them.


Sandy (7 years ago) Reply

It sucked anyway.

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