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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.18.14] United Kingdom drama

I seem to be in the minority of folks who didn't care for Peter Strickland's The Duke of Burgundy (review), which I found overlong and generally uninteresting, but as is clear from the trailer, there are some good things about Stickland's erotic drama – namely the sound design, the lavish visuals and the beautiful women.

The trailer sells The Duke of Burgundy like a delicious sexual thriller. Heck, I'd probably be jumping at the bit to see it from the trailer alone! But if you're going in expecting something really steamy and with a twist of a thriller, you're in for a surprise since Strickland's movie is mostly a complicated relationship drama with lots of talk about butterflies and touches of BDSM.

One thing to note is the score, which is simply amazing and lushly creepy. Whereas Broadcast provided the score for Berberian Sound Studio, Duke's score comes from a collaboration between Faris Badwan (The Horrors) and Rachel Zeffira, who released an album of girl group-inspired orchestral pop as Cat’s Eyes back in 2011.

The Duke of Burgundy opens theatrically and will be available on VOD January 23.

Here's a Cat's Eyes Video to give you a taste of the OST:

Recommended Release: Berberian Sound Studio

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