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Simon Read [Celluloid 12.04.14] horror thriller

Eli Roth's next film, Knock Knock will premiere as part of the Midnight section at January's Sundance Film Fest and the first images from the film have appeared online.

Knock Knock was written in collaboration with Roth, Aftershock director Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amoedo.

Keanu Reeves stars as Evan Webber, a happily married architect who appears to have everything a man could ever dream of – a loving and successful wife, two beautiful children and an expensive home. During a weekend alone, his peaceful existence is interrupted by the sudden arrival of two lost and seemingly innocent young girls. After naively inviting them in while they wait for a taxi, the night takes a sudden and disturbing turn when a debaucherous mistake evolves into a living nightmare.

Besides Reeves, the film stars Lorenza Izzo, Ana De Armas, Aaron Burns, Ignacia Allamand, and Colleen Camp.

Recommended Release: Aftershock on Blu-ray

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chuck (7 years ago) Reply

What a great opportunity to explore the rapidly changing gender dynamic in our culture by switching the gender roles in the old 'unexpected nighttime visitor leads to violent encounter' trope. Oh wait... it's Roth. (Sigh) OK, never mind. Boobs and blood it is.


fendell (7 years ago) Reply

Sound absolutely awful.


Tom (7 years ago) Reply

I don't think "debaucherous" is even a word.


quietearth (7 years ago) Reply

[dih-baw-cher-uh s]


tending toward or involving debauchery, or excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures:

"a night of debaucherous fun."

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