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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.16.14] drama

It's fair to say that Max Landis, yes, John Landis' son, came into the mainstream a couple of years ago with the release of Chronicle.

Landis has been behind Trailers from Hell for a while and he's also been making his own videos on YouTube but I haven't paid much attention until today when the web exploded with news that Landis had uploaded a short film titled Jane LA.

The set-up is straight forward: Landis plays a version of himself, a filmmaker who is making a documentary about an art student named Jane (the titular Jane), played by Zena Grey, and her art project: making a bomb. Everyone seems to assume that Jane is off her rocker or exaggerating her bomb project, including Landis... or is she?

It's a great little short worth a look.

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Olbertfrog (6 years ago) Reply

Oh for a second there i tought it ws a short by Katsuhiro otomo...


donc48 (6 years ago) Reply

Normally I like the short films you show, but this one was a little odd ball even by QE standards. Keep them coming.

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