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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.10.14] Italy post apocalyptic scifi drama

"Humanist science fiction." That's how director Lorenzo Sportiello refers to his feature film debut Index Zero which, from the trailers, looks an awful lot like a post apocalyptic survival story.

The year is 2035 and the world has suffered an economic crisis. Europe has collapsed and re-emerged as the United Sates of Europe. Kurt and Eva (Simon Merrells and Ana Ularu respectively) are about to have a baby and to provide that child with a better life, they try to immigrate into the richer world where their child can have a better life except that on route, they are caught and sent to the Welcome Center where their troubles really get out of hand as Eva, by being pregnant, is not considered "sustainable" and therefore marked for expulsion back into the deserted and difficult world that, I assume, used to be Europe.

The movie looks appropriately gritty and the set-up opens doors for a great story that delves into some interesting dark sides of society and morality which I hope are not simply hinted at in the trailers.

Index Zero recently made its debut at the Rome Film Festival. Stay tuned for more details on the project.

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Kudzu Bob (7 years ago) Reply

Looks grim and dull. Should have been called Audience Zero.

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