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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.19.14] Canada action thriller

The thing that struck me about this trailer for American Heist is not the generic name of the movie or even what it's about but the knowledge that Hayden Christensen is still making movies and that Adrien Brody is still trying to develop his bad guy persona.

Christensen and Brody star as law breaking brothers James and Frankie respectively. When Frankie gets out of his latest stint of jail time, he brings his brother, now trying to live a quiet, crime-free life, into his circle of badassness and the pair are embroiled, one more reluctantly than the other, in a bank robbery.

There are weird tattoos, Brody talking all gangster-like, American muscle cars, Jordana Brewster playing the unsuspecting girl friend and Akon as a bad guy. It's all pretty generic but there are some great moments in this trailer and director Sarik Andreasyan seems to be trying his hand at the "artistic crime thriller." Looks fun.

No release date for American Heist.

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beppe (8 years ago) Reply

0:13 lol!!!

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