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The "Global Frequency" TV series is a project that refuses to die. Based on the Warren Ellis comic of the same name, the show first came to light nearly 10 years ago on the CW with Michelle Forbes and Josh Hopkins in starring roles and though a pilot was shot and shown around to a handful of folks, the show was scrapped leaving fans who hadn't even seen it shaking their heads.

A bootleg screener of the pilot started making the rounds, and I think eventually was even aired as a TV movie or special of some sort, and when people did finally see it, no one could really figure out why the show had been passed over. Great concept, great on screen talent, solid pilot… maybe the TV landscape just wasn't ready but someone now believes it is because "Global Frequency" is getting a second shot at life on TV.

"Farscape" writrer and "Defiance" creator Rockne S. O'Bannon is adapting the new project which has landed a pilot commitment at WB. This doesn't necessarily mean that the show will take off but considering how comic book adaptations are all the rage at the moment, both on the big and small screens, perhaps the time is ripe not to mention the comic provides a great jumping off point for a series.

Ellis' comics featured stand alone stories centered on a covert group of experts, led by a former intelligence agent who goes by the codename Miranda Zero, working to protect the world from itself – namely governments who are running their own underground secret projects.

Here's hoping the project manages to get off the ground this time around otherwise, expect to see another attempt in 2024.

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beppe (7 years ago) Reply

I remember well the comic serie, one of the best ever.
I think it's hard this comic can drop on tv because a pair of stories were unsuitable for telly: too dark, too frightening.
I fear the adaptation work will change the story in something too much 'vanilla'.


Syilakown Canadian (7 years ago) Reply

The comic series was awesome!! Hopefully the TV adaptation will be good (Walking Dead is) and if they're working on this, they need to also look at Ellis' other stuff like "Planetary" man that was mint!!

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