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Christopher Webster [DVD News 11.18.14] horror

70s B-movie fave, Don’t Look in the Basement has been digitally restored and will be available on DVD Dec. 16 from Film Chest Media Group. The film will be presented with original sound and in a full frame aspect ration of 4x3 (which is a little weird as it was originally shot in 1.37:1, also known as "academy standard").

You can re-order the film here

In the film, a young, psychiatric nurse, Charlotte Beale (Rosie Holotik, 1972 Playboy covergirl), goes to work at an isolated sanitarium only to learn the proprietor, Dr. Stephens (Michael Harvey, Berlin Express, Tycoon), was murdered by one of the patients.

Struggling under the horrendous conditions at the severely under-staffed asylum – and the torment heaped upon her by the patients – she is puzzled by the resistance of Stephens’ successor, Dr. Geraldine Masters (Annabelle Weenick, Cope and 1/2, Common Law Wife), to hiring new staff and by the woman’s efforts to keep outsiders at bay. Soon, the patients may truly be running the asylum...

Also known as The Forgotten, Don’t Look in the Basement is considered one of the best low-budget movies in the horror/thriller genre... and there really is no other film quite like it.

Also starring Bill McGee (On Valentine’s Day, 1918), Jesse Lee Fulton (The Sugarland Express, Paper Moon) and Robert Dracup (Mr. Nanny, Necessary Roughness, Pet Sementary).

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