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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.22.14] United Kingdom horror

We had already seen a quick and not very informative preview of Hammer film's upcoming The Woman in Black: Angel of Death and with the movie's release slated for early 2015, the time has come for a good look at the trailer and not surprisingly, it's looking adequately creepy.

Directed by Tom Harper, the movie is based on a story written by Susan Hill, the woman responsible for the original novel, and picks up the story forty years after the events of the first movie, in the same creepy house that drove Daniel Radcliffe's Arthur Kipps to the brink. This time around the evil spirit is awakened by a group of children who are evacuated from London during WWII. Poor kids; they leave one night mare for another.

I rather enjoyed the first movie and Hammer has been doing so well in their renaissance that I'm inclined to see this one on the simple fact that it's produced by Hammer. That said, this does look like it could spook up a couple of scares, exactly the kind post-holiday entertainment to get the year started right.

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death opens January 2, 2015.

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