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We don't throw the word 'masterpiece' around much, but I feel very comfortable labeling Bong Joon Ho's Snowpiercer just that. At the very least, it's the perfect art-house genre film in that it's consistently provocative while being also consistently entertaining. The performances are strong, the action is tight, the concept is compelling and the allegory is timely.

For me, the film also perfectly captures the weirdness of a comic book world. Tonally, comic books fluctuate from serious to surreal in a way that we don't like films to do, but Bong Joon Ho embraces the nature of that medium in a way we don't see in mainstream Marvel films for example.

If you're still a naysayer who believes the film is too blunt with its message, check out this wonderful dissection of how the filmmakers use hidden visual cues to help facilitate meaning.

Still not convinces? Well, I've done all I can.


Also out this week is The Purge: Anarchy, sequel to the original home invasion hit starring Lena Heady and Ethan Hawke. This time, the producers heard your pleas to open up the world and take us out into the streets where the annual "Purge' is in full, terrifying swing.

In Life After Beth, a grieving teen's girlfriend comes back from the dead. Fertile ground for dark comedy for sure. Despite an overall feeling of familiarity, it was well regarded by projectcyclops when he reviewed it from EIFF this year. But then again, we watch so much of this stuff. Those new to the idea of the zomedy might not feel the same. Likely a Netflixer for me, but I fully intend to catch up with the film at some point.

Earth To Echo has been called Blair Witch meet E.T., but that would be a slightly unfair comparison as the film is not scary at all, but uses instead the found footage technique to bring a kids adventure to life. I haven't seen this, but I have the feeling if my kids were ten, I would pick it up for them. Seems sweet. Sometimes we need that, don't we?

Honourable Mentions:
Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

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