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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.16.14] United Kingdom thriller

The thing that caught my attention about the trailer for Catch Me Daddy is the lack of dialogue. It doesn't make it easy to figure out what the movie is about but the mystery is part of the appeal, as is the air of dread that mounts with each passing moment.

The feature film debut of Daniel and Matthew Wolfe, Catch Me Daddy is shot by Robbie Ryan, of Fish Tank and The Angel's Share fame, and stars newcomer Sameena Jabeen Ahmed as Laila, a 17 year old who has run away from her traditional Pakistani family with her boyfriend Aaron. The two are on the run and trying to live anonymously when they discover that they are being pursued by two sets of men hired by Laila's father to track her down and presumably, exact some sort of violence for her break from tradition.

Alongside Jabeen, the film also stars Conor McCarron and the great Gary Lewis.

Catch Me Daddy has been making the festival rounds for a few months and is currently playing the BFI London Film Festival.

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Izzy (7 years ago) Reply

So, for both the teaser and the clip, did they take all of the most boring parts? Because, neither one makes me want to watch the movie.

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