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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.31.14] Germany thriller drama

When families want children and biology doesn't co-operate, they turn to adoption but in the case of I Am Here, the desperate woman takes matters into her own hands to terrible ends.

Kim Basinger stars as Maria, a successful business woman who is incapable of having children. After ten years of trying, her husband is ready to move on the idea of kids but Maria is having none of it so she takes matters into her own hands. She travels to the German border to a small town where, if rumours are true, babies are sold into prostitution so she figures she'll "save" one. She gets there, hires some guy to get her a kid except he takes the wrong lady's baby because when she sees Maria with the stolen child, things go south for Maria at the hands of the only other recognizable face in the cast: Peter Stormare as The Russian.

It's not clear just how dark I Am Here gets but there are definitely hints that things aren't going well for Maria either at the beginning, when it seems she's hearing her dead baby talk to her, or at the end when she's dealing with The Russian.

I Am Here is currently making the festival rounds and opens in Denmark January 9, 2015. It doesn't have a North American distributor. Yet.

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