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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.12.14] action

I can't help myself OK? I fully realize I have a problem but when it comes to Keanu Reeves, I have a hard time saying no. But really, the trailer for John Wick is so gloriously cheesy awesome, how could anyone say no to it?

Reeves plays s retired assassin whose car is stolen by a young, big headed mob boss son ("Game of Thrones'" Theon Greyjoy) and then Reeves goes on the hunt. There's a running joke about him "being back." It's all very dark and glossy; Reeves has long hair, walks around in a killer suit hunting for his killer car and lots of explosions and stuff.

It looks completely ridiculous which is exactly the kind of thing I love from Reeves. And since the entire thing is directed by a couple of stunt guys turned directors (making their debut), you know that at the very least the stunts are going to be pretty good. No guarantee about anything else.

John Wick opens October 24.

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guido_jenkins (8 years ago) Reply

comic book fun... I always love the ones where somebody is after revenge for their slain dog... ;) its the kinda sh*t I would do only in a more realistic manner ...


dXm99 (8 years ago) Reply

I have a felling that this was writen with Nicholas Cage in mind


Stu (8 years ago) Reply

Well I for one I'm damn glad he didn't get it. Keanu Reeves is a much more talented "physical" actor. The fight sequences in this far exceed what Cage could pull off with any degree of legitimacy. Some even have a John Woo style flair to them ;)

Glad to have Reeves in this.

Looking forward to it!

And yea...killing someone's innocent pet is the same as killing family. You do it and you open the gates of hell and get what you deserve!



vandammage80 (8 years ago) Reply

Looking forward to this one. Keep hoping for a Reeves comeback.


Keith (8 years ago) Reply

Looks like all sorts of ridiculous goodness to me! I have a weak spot for Reeves which doesn't help much either. And I agree with the others on here... if someone killed my dog for no reason it would definitely be reason for revenge... no to mention it was his wife's dying gift, they kicked his ass, and they stole his car.


MrSatyre (8 years ago) Reply

There's a hit country western song in there somewhere...


chocobee (8 years ago) Reply

well, looks like typical korean/japanese gangster movie.

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