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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.02.14] Belgium horror

Belgian born Jonas Govaerts' first feature, a horror film that sees a group of scouts set upon by a madman in the woods called CUB, premieres at the Toronoto International Film Festival.

The first trailer is a dark affair, with most of the footage barely visible, but, when you can make out what is happening it all looks very well handled.

Troubled twelve-year-old Sam (Maurice Luijten) heads off on a summer camping trip with his Cub Scout troupe. When the highly imaginative boy claims to have seen a creature in the woods, his counsellors naturally assume that their campfire tales of a monster named Kai have gotten to him.

But the danger Sam sees is all too real: watching from the darkness is a masked, feral child whose menacing snarl and quick movements go unnoticed by all except for Sam. As the mocking taunts of the other boys isolate Sam further from his pack, he becomes increasingly convinced that a terrible fate awaits them all.

An interesting side-note, I'm currently reading Nick Cutter's The Troop, which is has a similar set up. Great book.