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Marina Antunes [Bunker Blueprint 08.15.14] horror drama

Director Stewart Thorndike is on the path to creating a female led horror trilogy but Thorndike isn't interested in the visceral, blood filled horror movies but more the quiet, psychological approach. Her first entry into the trilogy, Lyle, is a perfect example of Thorndike's approach. Starring the great Gaby Hoffman, the movie is the story of one woman's descent into chaos. Aside from the mood and excellent performance from Hoffman, what I appreciated most about Lyle is its brevity. The movie is just as long as it takes to tell the story with all of the fat trimmed away and the resulting movie is far more successful because of it.

Thorndike is now preparing her follow-up entry into the trilogy. Putney follows a group of four estranged women who go on a weekend hiking trip to rekindle their friendship but the trip quickly takes a turn for the worst when one of the women injures her leg and begins to hallucinate.

It's a fascinating sounding story (there's a TED Talk angle which sounds particularly interesting) and Thorndike is looking for some help to make it happen. She's launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise some seed funds for the project and to entice potential backers, she's giving away Lyle for free.

I highly recommend checking out Lyle and if you're into it, consider helping Thorndike make her second feature by sending a few bucks her way. It's always great to see a female voice in horror, especially one with such a distinct voice as Thorndike.

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