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A new trailer has emerged for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the much anticipated, and long gestating, follow up to Sin City. Directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, the new movie features another all star cast (including some returning faces) to weave together a bunch of Miller's stories.

I wasn't particularly impressed with the first trailer and this new red-band trailer isn't doing any more to excite me for the project. The first movie was interesting as a curiosity and now that that appeal is gone, there's very little to keep me interested. That is, beyond Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the always great Rosario Dawson and neither of them are quite enough to entice me to a theatre to spend two hours with this. Is it working for anyone?

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For opens August 22.

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Keith (8 years ago) Reply

I was excited for the movie until watching this terrible trailer! The music was just painful! I really hope they didn't try so hard to out due the first film that they turn this into a unorganized mess of sex and killing (more so than the first).

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