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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.15.14] scifi drama mystery

Way back when, we were really impressed with The Signal (review), a little movie that encompassed everything from survivalist thriller to all out horror. It was a great concept directed by three talented young directors including Dan Bush.

Bush has been keeping busy over the years but he hasn't directed any original material until now. Co-written by Bush and regular collaborator Conal Byrne, The Reconstruction of William Zero also stars Byrne playing double duty as twins William and Edward. William wakes up from a coma with no memory of his past and it's up to his brother Edward to guide him. Except... it looks like Edward is also keeping something from William.

I had to watch the trailer twice to really figure out what was going on (and which character was who) but not because its overly complicated but mostly because I wasn't expecting a trailer that actually required me to pay close attention. I particularly love the final scene which suggests there's more here than just a movie about memory loss but perhaps some genetic sci-fi angle as well.

Between this and the upcoming I, Origins (trailer), 2014 is looking pretty solid for drama heavy sci-fi.

Two trailers have appeared for the feature and though they're both nearly identical, they feature different music which subtly changes the mood of each one. Both are posted for comparisons sake.

The Reconstruction of William Zero will debut at Fantasia on July 20.

Second trailer via The Playlist

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Agent M (6 years ago) Reply

Very much an "Upstream Color" vibe, and not just because Amy Seimetz is in it! Will catch this one on Netflix, for sure.

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