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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.18.14] comedy drama

I know what you're thinking. Why is there a trailer for a romance on Quiet Earth? Just bear with me for a moment because if the trailer is accurate to the story, there's a whole lot more going on in The One I Love than just a couple who are ready to call their relationship over and decide to give it one last go with a weekend re-treat.

The movie stars "I'm in everything" Mark Duplass and the wonderful Elisabeth Moss as the couple who take the weekend trip in an effort to save their marriage while Ted Danson appears to play their counsellor.

There isn't even a hint at what the big twist is but there's definitely something odd going on here and I'm wondering if the cottage is some sort of time travel machine or some vortex into another dimension. There's definitely something odd going on and considering this comes to us from the same producing team behind the wonderfully charming Safety Not Guaranteed (review), I'm more than willing to see where this story is headed.

The One I Love is available on VOD August 1 ahead of its theatrical run which begins August 22.

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Agent M (7 years ago) Reply

Based on Safety, Jeff and Cyrus, I'll see it!


MrSatyre (7 years ago) Reply

It's like he's trying to save her from the Scientology compound.

"I'm not leaving."

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