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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.14.14] horror thriller fantasy

I think it may actually be coming. At least that's what the studio is leading us to believe with a newly released trailer and poster for Alexandre Aja's Horns.

An adaptation of Joe Hill's novel of the same title, the movie stars Daniel Radcliffe as Ig, a typical guy who, after the brutal murder of his longtime girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple), wakes up one morning having sprouted horns that compel people to share with him their darkest secret and soon realizes that this gift is a means for him to solve the murder of his girlfriend.

After its premiere at TIFF last year, it was expected that the movie would see some sort of release in 2014 but with no news, it looked like the movie, which was well received, was lost to the general public. Thankfully that's not the case and Horns will get a theatrical release on Halloween.

The newly minted teaser is a great mood piece and ties in nicely with the fantastic new poster.

On a related note, Aja recently appeared on the Bret Easton Ellis podcast and talked candidly about being a member of the Splat Pack, his string of remakes and the psychology of horror movies. Well worth a listen.

Horns opens October 31.

Via Rope of Silicon

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