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Marina Antunes [Cathode Ray Mission 07.16.14] scifi thriller drama adventure

I never considered the idea to adapt Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys could end well and thought the first full trailer for the SyFy produced series doesn't look terrible, it's not exactly making me jump with glee. It all feels a little too similar to the movie but not quite on the same level…

The show takes the central idea of sending Cole back in time in an effort to save humanity – and proceeds from there. X-Men star Aaron Stanford stars as Cole while Amanda Schull takes on the role of Cassandra Railly.

I may not be raging and wanting to gouge my eyes out at having seen the trailer, it also doesn't inspire much excitement. That said, who doesn't love a conspiracy theory/dystopic future story? I'm cautiously optimistic.

12 Monkeys will premiere on Syfy in January 2015.

Via Spoiler TV

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donc48 (7 years ago) Reply

I like many had high hopes for SYFY back in the dim mists of time. It's had some good shows and some worthy efforts. I'm afraid this will not rate in either category. This deeply saddens me.

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