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Christopher Webster [DVD News 06.24.14] horror action thriller adventure

Denis Villeneuve's Enemy has been on my need-to-see list since Marina reviewed it back in January. The director of many critically acclaimed films including Incendies and the most recetly Prisoners, Villeneuve re-teams with Jake Gyllenhaal to bring us an enigmatic thriller about a professor who meets his doppelganger.

A slow boiling, twisted mind-fu*ck from Villeneuve? Bring it!

Also this week:

Word on the street is if you liked Greg McLean's Wolf Creek, you'll LOVE the sequel Wolf Creek 2. As a passionate fan of the first Australian outback thriller, I can't wait to blow this up on Blu-ray (I got a web preview... not the same thing).

As Marina put it in her review: "Wolf Creek 2 is not only a great horror movie, it's also a fantastic chase movie and a relationship drama all rolled into one."

Check it out, horror fans!

This "side-quel" to Zack Snyder's groundbreaking (relax, it was) 300 is all about the battle the Athenians fought at sea while the Spartans were taking on Xerxes' army. Honestly, I went into this film with low-hopes, figuring it would be a trashy and cheap sequel that would obviously pale in comparison to Snyder's original. Well, I was wrong.

Not only does 300: Rise of an Empire stand up visually to Snyder's 300, it is equally as engaging as a myth-tinged tale based on real events. I found it wonderful to look at and thoughts all the performances were strong.

No, we're not finally getting a Blu-ray of that awesome Peter Weller film, but a Roger Corman picture directed by Sergio Martino about body mutilation. Haven't seen it, but for some reason this cover makes me curious.

Honourable Mentions:
Masters of Sex: Season One
Blood Ties

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