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Marina Antunes [Cathode Ray Mission 06.05.14] horror vampires

We haven't been posting much about the upcoming vampire thriller The Strain because regardless of the fact that they've been releasing teasers for months, they've all been 30 second (or less) affairs that don't reveal anything about the show. Last week FX finally released a short 30 second teaser clip that featured actual footage from the show and now comes the reveal of a full trailer.

Adapted from Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's best selling series (which was always intended as a TV show but has taken the long way around to getting here), the story focuses on a vampire virus that has started to take over New York. I know, another vampire drama but before you write this one off, keep in mind that del Toro has said he wanted to get back to the horror of vampires and by the looks of the trailer and what I've read of the comics, this shouldn't disappoint.

The 13 episode season kicks off July 13 on FX.

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Winbob (8 years ago) Reply

yes please. Thank you.


chocobee (8 years ago) Reply

i like this.

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