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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.02.14] horror

The only thing worse than being trapped underground is being trapped underground with a bunch of crazed killers on the lose in an enclosed space and Beneath (not to be confused with
Larry Fessenden's movie of the same title) presents exactly that.

Ben Ketai's claustrophobic horror movie follows a crew of miners and one of their daughters into a regular work shift that takes a turn for the worst when the mine collapses and the crew is stuck 600 feet below ground. Not satisfied that the stress of getting out will provide enough terror, the story seems to jump ahead a little to show the affects that the toxic air has on crew and their slow descent into madness.

Admittedly the premise doesn't really inspire much excitement but I do love this trailer which captures some of the claustrophobia of the space and hints at the murder and mayhem that ensues. It's a well cut bit of marketing that does a great job of selling the movie. Hopefully it lives up to the trailer.

Beneath will be available on VOD June 27.

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Michael Allen (8 years ago) Reply

It does not inspire excitement? Then, you are not using your imagination enough. Looks freaky.

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