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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.15.14] United Kingdom scifi thriller

While the first trailer for Monsters: Dark Continent did well to avoid revealing too much too fast, it looks as though the folks behind the follow up to Gareth Edwards’ Monsters are ready to unleash some monster goodness and their timing couldn’t be better; what with Godzilla opening tonight and all.

Though Edwards was busy with Godzilla to shoot the sequel, the reigns have been passed along to Tom Green and from the look of this new trailer, the franchise seems to be in good hands.

The story picks up seven years after the original movie and has the world fighting a losing battle against the alien invaders. The US is dispatching troops the world over in order to keep their international interests in check and Noah, a veteran soldier, is sent deep behind enemy lines in search of a fellow soldier. The talented Johnny Harris leads the charge with some help of a great team including fellow "The Fades" star Joe Dempsie.

Monsters: Dark Continent is scheduled for UK release on September 26 and a US release likely to follow shortly after.

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Umberto (8 years ago) Reply

Well boys i think this is an intelligent sequel focuses (like the first)on human rather monsters because the real monsters are the humans...

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