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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.29.14] Canada scifi thriller drama Exploitation

April 29th is Canadian Film Day, a nationwide initiative to celebrate Canadian film. It's an important day considering that for years, Canadian movies were relegated to the shelf of weird stuff you only watch or talk about when you want to seem cultured. That hasn't been the case in decades and it's about time we celebrate the strangeness that comes out of the Great White North and judging from how easy it was to generate a list of 10 titles (so easy we expanded our list to 15), there's lots to choose from.

So whether you're planning on heading out to one of the nation wide free screenings or curling up at home with one of the titles below, just remember that Canada doesn't just have awesome beer, it has awesome movies too.

Beyond the Black Rainbow (Steam It)

Black Christmas (Stream It)

Class of 1984 (Stream It)

Cube (Stream It)

eXistenZ (Stream It)

Fido (Stream It)

Ginger Snaps (Stream It)

Good Neighbours (Stream It)

Hobo With A Shot Gun (Stream It)

Manborg (Stream It

One Point O (Stream It)

Pontypool (Stream It)

Screamers (Stream It)

Videodrome (Stream It)

The Wild Hunt (Stream It)

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chuck (8 years ago) Reply

Does the first few minutes of Strange Brew count?


Marina (8 years ago) Reply

I think all of "Strange Brew" would be better but fine. We'll let it pass. This time :)

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