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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.06.14] Germany horror fantasy

A katana, a guy in a dress, a wolf... I really don't know what the hell is going on in Till Kleinert's Der Samurai but I'm definitely interested in finding out more.

The official story reads like this:

Jakob, a young policeman from a remote village in the middle of nowhere, finds his small world unhinged and shattered as one night an ominous, nameless stranger in a woman's dress emerges from the forest and commences a wave of destruction, descending on the quiet, unsuspecting town like a supernova of irrational violence.

Both appalled and drawn by the frightening young man and the very notion of his self-proclaimed mission to liberate people (incidentally and disconcertingly by cutting off their heads), Jakob propels himself for a psychological roller coaster of reflection and revolt as he relentlessly pursues the SAMURAI through the night. There is something about the mysterious offender that strikes a hidden chord within the young policeman – threatening to unlock and awaken his own innermost demons...

What has me confused is that it seems as though actor Michel Diercks is playing both the role of the policeman and that of the Samurai which only makes me question the themes that Kleinert is exploring a little more closely. I'm fairly certain this isn't a straight forward story of werewolves or something else supernatural but rather something far more personal and introspective.

Der Samurai recently played Berlin and will have its International Premiere at Tribeca.

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