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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.06.14] horror

A group of friends travel to Panama to reconnect and relax when they meet a local who offers to show them the real Panama. The set-up sounds a whole lot like Aftershock but I'm hoping that director Alastair Orr can deliver a more interesting, and frankly better made, tale of vacations gone wrong.

Indigenous follows the five friends into the jungle where their guide disappears and they quickly come to realize they are now prey for the blood sucking Chupacabra. Ah, jungle monsters. What more could you ask for?

Orr's movie will have it's world premiere at Tribeca and though there's nothing to be found as way of a trailer, we did manage to track down the first look at the supernatural creature and it looks pretty great.

This isn't Orr's first stab at horror either. A few years ago he debuted with Rancid (the trailer for which really impressed us) and followed it up with a great supernatural tinged horror short (with echoes to Audition) titled Forces. You can check out that short right below our first look at Chupacabra as we anticipate a first trailer for Indigenous.

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