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Marina Antunes [General News 03.31.14] scifi action comic

Dredd fans had much to rejoice about at this past weekend's Emerald City Comic Con. On Saturday Karl Urban regaled the massive main hall crowd with tales from Star Trek and Dredd (review) and it was clear from his impassioned commentary that he was not only willing but very much looking forward to the chance to return for a Dredd sequel. His little talk may have had something to do with the official Dredd Sequel petition hitting 100,000 signatures (if you haven't signed it yet, you should).

The real bit of great news though came during a panel on Friday, where 2000 AD marketing guru Michael Molcher, with the help of some very special guests including superstar artist Jock, announced the release of the "Dredd Screenplay." The newly minted package includes a new introduction by screenwriter Alex Garland along with Garland's script and original concept art from Jock. Shipping in July, the limited editions are available in both hardback and paperback and are already available for pre-order from the 2000 AD store. I expect these are going to fly off the shelves so superfans, order early!

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agentorange (8 years ago) Reply

SOooo tempted to pick up the hard cover of this.


Mellotron (8 years ago) Reply

The limited Edition has sold out at the 2000AD shop- 500 copies in 3 days.


Marina (8 years ago) Reply

Holy crap. Glad I ordered mine when I did!

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