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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.19.14] scifi thriller

We first heard of director William Eubank a few years ago when he erupted onto our radar with LOVE (review). I didn't love that movie, it was a bit too abstract in concept for my liking, but I loved Eubank's visual style and how he mixes music and images. He showed promise as someone to watch and it looks like with his follow-up, another sci-fi offering titled The Signal, he may manage to deliver on his initial promise.

The Signal follows a group of college students on a road trip who are veered off course and into the middle of the desert by a computer genius who has hacked his way into the MIT system, exposed security faults and, from the looks of the trailer, released something or other. Nic, one of the students, wakes up and finds himself detained and being interrogated Laurence Fishburne and from the unfolding of events, it looks like Nic may have some fancy new powers.

The concept sounds interesting but really, as with LOVE, what has really caught my attention about this trailer is the look of it. It looks gorgeous. You figure I'd learn by now but I can't help but be attracted by pretty pictures. We'll see if Eubank manages to live up to the ambitious trailer.

The Signal opens June 13.

Via Collider

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Beppe (8 years ago) Reply

Matrix uploaded?


spektre (8 years ago) Reply

^LOL prly.

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