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At this point, it seems like either a miracle or a dream that Bong Joon-ho's Snowpiercer is actually opening theatrically. There have been nothing but problems with the movie's release since we learned that The Weinstein Company had plans to cut and edit Joon-ho's movie and for a while there, it looked unlikely we'd be able to see the movie in any form never mind as Joon-ho intended. Thankfully, the parties involved finally came to an understanding last month and rather than a full blown, big summer release, TWC agreed to release the full cut of the movie but in a limited capacity.

What that means for us: Snowpiercer will open in limited release on June 27. As for those who don't live in areas friendly to limited releases (read: most of the country), the movie will likely also be available day of or shortly after on VOD thanks to TWC's VOD arm Radius. It's not an ideal situation but it's also not the worse possible scenario.

For those that are interested, Snowpiercer is also available on Blu-ray in France starting April 2.

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Umberto (8 years ago) Reply

Hello boys,I saw the movie a few days ago in Rome in is uncut version. Is truly a gem, the actors are all good, a special mention to Chris Evans who plays his character in a realistic and suffering manner.
At the end of the film the message is simple: nature takes it's course ...
Go and see it and you will surely be surprised


JeffC (8 years ago) Reply

Wow! WTF is wrong with the Weinsteins??? The movie was great! Think Elysium, Runaway Train, and a dash of characters from the Hunger Games. I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE RELEASED! Must own!

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