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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.05.14] horror

The first trailer for Mike Flanagan's Midnight Madness selected Oculus didn't do much to sell me on the movie. I was hopeful the trailer would provide some suggestion as to whether I might find it interesting or simply another forgettable entry into the very busy horror movie release schedule but it didn't do much to convince me either way (that, in and of itself, is likely the answer).

What's interesting here is that this new trailer for the movie feels like a completely different beast. Whereas the first trailer played a bit unconventionally, this one feels completely paint by numbers and that's not boding well for building excitement for a movie I was already on the fence about.

Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites star in Oculus as a pair of traumatized siblings trying to prove that a 300 year old cursed mirror is responsible for a number of deaths including that of their mother.

Oculus will attempt to drum up scares when it opens on April 11.

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TJane23 (8 years ago) Reply

Saw it at TIFF, it's actually outstanding.


Marina (8 years ago) Reply

That's reassuring!

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