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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.11.13] horror

I love a good revenge thriller as much as the next person but I'm tired of the rape/revenge thriller, especially ones that bring very little of interest or new to the table and though Savaged does play in The Crow wheelhouse with the addition of a supernatural element, it's an incessantly violent mess that only gets worse after the opening act.

Amanda Adrienne stars as Zoe, a mute woman travelling across the desert to start the next phase of her life with her fiancé. While on route she comes up on a group of hicks hunting down a pair of Indian men and being the nice woman that she is, she stops to help the victims only to find herself a victim as well - like they were just going to stop and let her get away with their prey. She eventually escapes, is killed and then brought back to life by a Shaman who infuses her body with the spirit of a revenge seeking Apache warrior. Queue in the ridiculous fight sequences, over-the-top violence, questionable special effects and a resolution which is the only good part of this story – not only because it's not a cop-out but because it also marks the end of Savaged.

Michael S. Ojeda stretches his limited funds to some great lengths, incorporating some snazzy practical effects but they're mostly overshadowed by the ridiculous visual effects which look like they were cooked up by a first year VFX student in his garage. It certainly doesn't help that at just over ninety minutes, there's only enough story to sustain half of that and the rest of the movie's running time is unnecessary filler of Zoe communicating with her fiancé and a handful of equally unnecessary flashbacks. There's no reason for us to know more about Zoe's relationship, especially since it doesn't progress the plot or add any value to Zoe's motivation. She's not seeking vengeance for him but for herself.

The introduction of the Apache warrior is by far the most interesting aspect of Savaged. It’s ridiculously contrived that the spirit of the warrior is seeking revenge for the wrongs that one of the ancestors of Zoe’s attackers committed against him and his people - so that both the warrior and Zoe are hell-bent on exacting their revenge on the same people – but it’s a fresh layer that adds a little bit of interest to a movie that is otherwise treading old ground and doing so badly.

Savaged is high on the violence and features a couple of zinger kills but it’s poorly executed and has a few too many eye rolling moments to make it worth while.

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Jack (8 years ago) Reply

I really liked this movie. One of the better grind house films of the year imo. I found the end surprisingly sad.

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