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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.02.13] scifi horror action thriller adventure

It's Monday. You're stressed. We get that. Here's some news that might cheer you up. Dolph Lundgren's Battle of the Damned is getting a domestic release from Anchor Bay Films. The insanity hits DVD and Blu-ray on February 18th.

When a deadly virus is accidentally released into a major city, its population is quarantined by military blockade. And for a wealthy industrialist desperate to rescue his daughter from inside the rabid chaos, his only hope is former commando Max Gatling (Lundgren). Now Gatling has one day to bust in, blast through hordes of the undead, find the girl, and hunt for a way to get them both out alive. But will a small band of survivors and an army of killer robots turn his mission into maximum slaughter?

Here's the film's trailer!


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Jeff (8 years ago) Reply

This movie needs more Tallahassee!


Speedy (8 years ago) Reply

Can't see video at work (as normal), will cxheck tonight at home.
In the meantime... are those Cylons behind Dolph?


donc48 (8 years ago) Reply

How long before we see Big Foot VS Zombies? I'm sure there is s Ninja VS Zombies somewhere. I'm sure this will show up on Netflix and I'll watch it. I guess it's another spin on the Zombie genre.


AfghanistanOne (8 years ago) Reply

Strangely I watched this movie yesterday. Amazing what you can get for $3 from the local Afghanistan peoples...

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