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No one sets out to make a movie no one will watch but it sometimes comes as a surprise to see the movies that spawn franchises. Clive Barker's Hellraiser was one such project. Rich in mythology, not surprising considering Barker's other day job, the success of the first movie led to a series of movies (nine so far), with varying degrees of success, none have come close to the original.

The franchise has been at a standstill since the release of the terrible Hellraiser: Revelations and though fans, myself included, have been hoping for the franchise to return to better days, it hasn't looked particularly promising. There was word in 2010 that a remake was in the works but it was later revealed that both the writer and director once attached (Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier respectively) were no longer involved and the reboot project is dead.

As far as we know, that's still the case but one of the up-and-coming directors we're keeping tabs on may have something up his sleeve. Mike Le Han (of Mrs. Peppercorn fame) has been working on a concept trailer for his re-imagined reboot of the franchise.

The concept video for Hellraiser: Origins doesn't go live until October 31st but Le Han has released a great looking concept poster and I've been advised that the official website for the project, which currently hosts the countdown clock to the trailer, will not only include the trailer but an entire host of extras including new concept art.

We still have a bit of time to wait for the unleashing but the poster suggests good things. Really good things. Fingers crossed that this breathes some new life into the possibility of a re-launch.

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Digger (8 years ago) Reply

You will probably laugh, but I only just read the original short story a few weeks ago. I think borrowed a friend's copy of the original film and watched it. It was amazing to me how close the film followed the story (usually movies based on books don't)
It's clear to me it could stand a remake, bringing the effects up to par, but also exploring the Cenobite world better. Not the Leviathan hell world, but their beliefs, histories, etc.
Doug Bradley is a tad old these days to play Pinhead and I'm not sure how attached he is to the character, but I know Pinhead is an icon in the Hellraiser series. I'd like to see them flesh (heh) out their motivations and the other Cenobites as well, not just have them standing around being generic bad-guys.


Missphitts (8 years ago) Reply

There have been 9 films in the series and many of the Cenobites have been fleshed out. Crawl out from that rock you've been under and watch them all. Except the "reboot" Revelations. Stay very very far away from that piece of crap!! I'm all for more Hellraiser if done half right, bring it on.

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