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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.04.13] Greece thriller

Generally speaking, all revenge thrillers work in the same basic way: something bad happens and the everyman goes out seeking vengeance with the force of a professionally trained killer. Once in a while we stumble on a story where the vengeance seeker isn't quite up to par but he always manages somewhat well, either by chance or with the help of someone who does know what they're doing. Yorgos Tsemberopoulos' The Enemy Within certainly has the set-up of a typical revenge thriller but it doesn't play out in the expected manner.

It all stars when a bookish florist comes into contact with some bad people. They break in, tie up his family and rape his daughter. But Kostas isn't trained, he's a guy who spends his day talking about books and philosophy so when faced with the realities of tracking down his family's attackers and exacting revenge, he's kind of clueless and he gets himself into far deeper trouble.

Tsemberopoulos' film is more interested in the reality of revenge stories rather than the Hollywood version where the wronged man always knows how to fight back. It sounds like a great deconstruction of the revenge thriller and the trailer, sadly only available without subtitles, looks promising.

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