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quietearth [Celluloid 09.12.13] United Kingdom horror

Slasher House director, MJ Dixon, has teamed up with UK producers Mem Ferda and Anna McCarthy on a terrifying project that aims to bring an all new icon of fright to the screen.

Legacy of Thorn will raise an urban legend from the grave to haunt a girl with a secret past in a story that I'm hearing harkens back to to the halcyon days of Barker and Craven!

"MJ Dixon's talent for the horror genre is undeniable," said producer Mem Ferda, who will also star in the film. "Having watched his remarkable feature Slasher House, it is crystal clear to me that he has tapped into the vein of mainstream horror and is on a direct path to becoming the next Craven, Carpenter or Cronenberg."

Full Synopsis:
Legacy of Thorn is the story of Jess, a beautiful, popular high school cheerleader who has everything going for her when the day of her 16th birthday comes around. However, things take a turn for the worst when an urban legend becomes her terrifying and bloody reality, as she is hunted down by the masked killer, known only as Thorn.

Four years on, she and a band of survivors plan to stop Thorn once and for all. As the shocking secrets are revealed as to why Jess is Thorn's target and what he wants with her, will Jess be able to overcome the monster once and for all?

Legacy of Thorn stars Jade Wallis, Johnnie Russell, Craig Canning, Jane Haslehurst, Aaron Jeffcoate and Mem Ferda.

More as it comes folks!

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