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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.05.13] scifi action

Oh dear. I just don't know. I just don't know if this new Robocop is actually going to be any good. In my heart I want it to be. Director José Padilha is exceptionally talented and with a great eye for stories full of action but also loaded with moral questions and Joel Kinnaman is an actor I really like and would love to se succeed never mind the fact that the rest of this cast, including Abbie Cornish, Jay Baruchel, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman (Keaton and Oldman together? Why did my computer not explode?), is very impressive but this trailer? Not so much.

This just isn't working for me. It's vacant of excitement even though there's quite a bit of action on display. Is that a problem of just the trailer or a hint of the movie to come? And yes, the new tech looks fantastic but in some scenes, it's, quite obviously, sub par CGI (for a movie of this budget at least). I must admit that after seeing this, I'm a little concerned.

Note the poster is fanmade but it's pretty darn spiffy.

Robocop opens February 7.

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Stu (8 years ago) Reply

I have hope for it. I too am a big fan of Joel Kinnaman (The Killing AMC) and would love to see the film succeed and bring him some deserved notoriety.

I think the trailer is "ok", hopefully there's more story and characterization that pulls you in and allows you to care about his character. Looks like there might be.

I'll keep my fingers crossed ;)

Doesn't look like there will be the little dark humor spots like in the original (though there might be a few homages) That dark humor and the gritty/graphic violence at the time really made the original stand out and catapulted it to basically instant "cult status".

If this is a by the numbers scifi/action I'm not sure if it'll be capable of the same momentum and longevity.




EGO (8 years ago) Reply

This looks interesting... They aren't just copying the 80's version, it's like they're actually remaking it. "They kept the arm" in this version. Almost like they wanted to point to the fans and say this will be different.

The first movie was mostly just an action movie. Sure there was story and plot, but it was simple. This time it looks like they are trying to go deep with it. Not sure how I feel about it. I know it could be very easy to screw this up, but I'm willing to give it a chance at least.

Visuals are amazing IMO.


Tensen01 (8 years ago) Reply

4th Degree burns, but his pretty face remains just fine? Ugh


dave (8 years ago) Reply

I'll just watch Robocop 1 or 2 again (for the millionth time) This looks like a high budget 90's tv show.


Digger (8 years ago) Reply

It looks like a sequel to the current remake of Judge Dredd. However, I will reserve judgement until I know more


rbk (8 years ago) Reply

The visuals do look nice but I'm actually getting a Total Recall 2012 vibe. I'm not expecting much.


agentorange (8 years ago) Reply

Ah screw it, I'm in. I have faith in José Padilha.


Umberto (8 years ago) Reply

I think more than a remake of the old robocop this is a new start.
less robo and more cop,I think the film is more focused on man and this is definitely a good thing.
It will certainly be a good movie.


Fendell (8 years ago) Reply

Looks like something that was released straight to VHS back in the 90's.


Pantone (8 years ago) Reply

Oh I don't know, maybe I'm becoming more jaded as I get older but (going by the trailer) it always seems to be the same old story arc studios churn out, but with different dressings.
You can have any flavour of gravy you want but it's still beef on your plate.
I hope I'm mistaken but I haven't gained much faith from the trailer.


Digger (8 years ago) Reply

There was a comment, possibly here, about how Hollywood does indeed use the same plot devices over and over again, because it's "safe" and "works" and the film they get out of people (directors and actors) become a known quantity, something that can count on to return "x" amount of revenue for their investment, so yes, the plot does look familiar.
I think this is one reason why independent filmmakers are getting so much attention as of late, audiences are tired of seeing the same thing over and over again

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